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Bactoferm Starter Cultures

For delicious dry cured meats like salami and chorizo, you need top-quality ingredients, patience and a little bit of scientific know-how. Anyone can do it, but without the right meat starter culture, your dry curing experiments can go haywire. The Sausage Maker carries several varieties of sausage starter cultures to help you achieve the quality you expect from expertly cured meat.

Starter cultures work by producing lactic acid and other helpful bacteria within the meat. These bacteria can have several effects on your sausage as it ferments: color regulation, the development of a nice sour flavor (depending on the amount of acidification) and prevention of harmful bacteria growth like listeria. Order a fermentation starter for sausage and other meats and be well on your way to producing your next batch of tasty, cured goodness. Please note: Due to limited shelf life when unfrozen, we cannot ship starter cultures outside of North America.