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Deli Meat Slicers

The first meat slicer, invented by Dutch engineer/butcher W. A. Van Berkel in 1898, became a huge convenience for meat cutters tired of relying on knives for cutting meat. This vintage meat slicer became very popular, and by 1907, Berkel's patented machine was being used around the world. The same basic design is still being used today as a deli slicer, food slicer and bacon slicer. And it's not just a meat slicer machine – it slices cheese and vegetables too. We have three sizes of this manual meat slicer on offer. Select from a 10”, 12” or 14” manual meat slicer machine. Each of these is a truly industrial meat slicer, designed and built for years of trouble-free performance. They even have built-in sharpeners so your blade's always sharp.

You'll also find two electric meat slicer machines here, one heavy duty and one perfect for home kitchen use.