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Cheese-Making Kits

Making cheese at home is a great hobby with numerous benefits. With homemade cheeses, you get to control ingredient quality and the process is easy to master. Cheese making is inexpensive, and the end product is both delicious and nutritious. All you need to get started is a basic cheese-making kit, which you'll find here, that contains everything you need to start making any of eight different cheeses and costs less than $30. Our cheese-making kits for beginners are simple enough for kids to use, and each comes with full instructions. You'll also find a DIY cheese kit for making ricotta and mozzarella cheeses.

For those wishing to get into more sophisticated cheeses, take a look at this cheese-making kit. It contains a Dutch-style cheese press, red cheese wax, a cheese-making DVD and Ricki's Cheese-Making Kit. The basic homemade-cheese kit is the basis for all these offerings.