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Homemade Cheese-Making Books

If you're interested in making your own cheese at home, we've got all of the cheese-making tools you need plus some fantastic home cheese-making books and DVDs to take you every step of the way. This cheese-making book, “The Joy of Cheesemaking,” is written to be easily understood and explains everything from the basic raw ingredients to the finished product. It also provides a quick overview of the cheese-manufacturing process, including aging, and includes beautiful illustrations. This 256-page paperback book comes at an affordable price. This is one of the most comprehensive cheese books available.

Ricki's cheesemaking DVD, “Cheese 101,” is a great how-to-make-cheese tutorial that covers making many popular hard and soft cheeses, including cheddar, whole-milk ricotta, mozzarella, fromage blanc, creme fraiche and mascarpone. This 30-minute DVD comes with a free set of complete recipe booklets.