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Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Liquids

The big advantage of a chamber vacuum sealer over a no-chamber sealer is its ability to seal liquids or foods containing high amounts of liquid. A chamber-style vacuum sealer doesn't just vacuum the air out of the bag being sealed, as with no-chamber sealers. A vacuum sealer chamber machine vacuums the air out of the entire chamber, allowing the air pressure within the bag and outside the bag to stay equalized. This lets any liquids remain inside the bag, which is then sealed before normal air pressure is returned to the chamber.

We offer a number of quality commercial chamber vacuum sealer machines here at The Sausage Maker, including one made by Weston and three made by VacMaster. If you're looking for a top-quality chamber food sealer for liquid, you've got some great choices here. The VacMaster VP112 is an especially good value.