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Sausage Casing Accessories

Our sausage casing accessories page currently features two products – Chicken Tuckers and 4” pre-tied sausage loops. Chicken Tuckers are roast chicken tyers (elastic pre-tied loops) used mainly for trussing chickens for cooking in a rotisserie or smokehouse but, in fact, may be used for any foods that need to be tied for cooking or smoking. Examples are bacon-wrapped fillets, beef roll-ups and tamales. Chicken Tuckers meet both USDA and FDA food-grade regulations and come prepackaged in three sizes, small (3”), medium (6”) and large (8”).

Our 100 packs of 4” pre-tied poly loops are perfect sausage-packing accessories for tying loops at the end of your sausages stuffed into synthetic casings. These will save both time and frustration when making your sausages. They'll provide you with a quick and secure way to hold your sausages. Both items on this page are eligible for free shipping.