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Sauerkraut Cutter Accessories

Sauerkraut is one of the many ways to make cabbage tasty, and we offer all the cabbage cutter accessories you’ll need to create your own sauerkraut from scratch. Making sauerkraut is a simple process to start as long as you have access to cabbage and salt - we take care of all the cabbage shredder accessories required to perfect the process. If you’re just starting out, our starter kits simplify the process, especially since the lactic acid bacteria do most of the work for you by breaking down the sugar in the cabbage leaves to create the trademark sour yet crunchy sauerkraut flavor. You’ll love experimenting with different recipes to find your favorite process for creating the distinctive sour flavor and adding spices to make your homemade sauerkraut personalized to your individual taste.

For those who have found their favorite way to make sauerkraut, we offer cabbage cutter replacement parts such as cabbage blades and cabbage shredders so you avoid having large chunks in your sauerkraut. For those who are serious about making the perfect batch of sauerkraut with finely chopped cabbage leaves, we have all the accessories to support your process.