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Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

If breakfast sausage is your favorite, as it is for so many, try some of our breakfast sausage spice blends to kick it up a notch from everyday ho-hum fare. Our breakfast sausage spices are fantastic and will help you produce sausages that people rave about. Choose a breakfast sausage spice mix that's low in salt or one that adds the taste of brown sugar maple. Your morning sausage spice selections also include a Pepper & Onion mix and a mild-hot breakfast sausage mix.

One of the favorites here is the Breakfast Sausage Bundle that includes three great mixes, each enough to make 50 pounds of mouth-watering sausage. One is spicy - Morning Edge - and works well with links or patties. One has its own natural maple flavor and the third is a delightful concoction containing pepper, sage, ginger, nutmeg and other spices.