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Supplies for Trussing, Binding & Tying

Keep your meat binding supplies well-stocked with netting, twine and other sausage making essentials. Our collection of dry cure trussing and binding supplies includes 500 ft. super-strong Regency cooking twine for contouring, trussing, forming, spit roasting, tying, binding and curing meats. Regency Twine is made of extra heavy-duty 16-ply cotton and comes with a holder and cutter for ease of use.

Our modern ham trussing equipment gives boneless hams a scored design and has shelf openings to increase smoke penetration and decrease processing time. Four tension springs hold meats firmly in place and prevent them from breaking apart.

Our netting has a soft, easy-to-use texture and a strong and rugged construction that contains meat and poultry of any size or weight in a snug fit. Our netting assortment includes brown, red and white diamond-pattern casings in various sizes for pork loins, poultry and small boneless hams.