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Electric Meat Smokers

Perfect for hunters and those who love to transform raw meat into delicious snacks and meals, electric meat smokers make it easy to yield consistent results, create unique flavors and textures, and cook enough food for a Thanksgiving meal or a celebratory feast. From gas smokers to stainless steel smokers, our industrial-strength smokers are available in a variety of sizes, capabilities and prices.

Meat smokers provide an astoundingly large variety of new ways to process and cook meat at home, like making flavorful jerky, mouthwatering sausage and expertly prepared whole fish. Check out the country style smoker with an original rooftop design to hang larger fish and load in more sausage, consider a smoker on the smaller side to begin your meat-smoking ventures, or invest in large outdoor smokers for maximum smoking capabilities. Find the right smoker for you, and step up your cooking game to entirely new levels.