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Italian Sausage Seasonings

With the tremendous popularity of various Italian sausages, we've seen our way to creating an entire category just for Italian sausage seasoning mixes. You'll find Classic Italian Sausage Seasoning for making such favorites as Capicola, Hot (or mild-hot) Italian Sausage, Sweet Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Sopressata and more. Pick the Italian Sausage spice mix that suits your fancy and create as much as 50 pounds of tasty finished product by simply following the recipe on the package.

You'll find that our Italian Sausage Mix options will help you make authentic tasting sausages the whole family will love, whether you're grilling, pan frying or smoking. Choose the Smoked Pepperoni Seasoning for an easy-to-make cooked pepperoni that tastes like it's been smoked. This is a recipe that can be made using 100 percent pork or 50 percent pork and 50 percent lean beef for an exceptionally tasty treat. The Sausage Maker’s sausage spices have been the go-to seasonings for Italian Americans for decades. Enjoy Free Shipping on orders $75+!