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We strive for features and qualities in our products that go above and beyond our competitors. We are proud USA manufacturers from Buffalo, NY.

Our products are carefully chosen and tested for quality and durability. Our brand only represents products which are designed and built to last.
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The Sausage Maker: Kitchen Tools for a Simpler Life

Here at The Sausage Maker, we continue to embrace the time-honored traditions of home food preparation with a variety of seasonings, spices and DIY meat processing equipment. Though we started with classic sausage making equipment, our offerings have continued to expand over the years. We now carry a variety of farm-to-table products and homestead kitchen supplies, many of which are manufactured at our plant right here in Buffalo, New York. The rest are thoughtfully sourced from across the U.S.A. and around the world.

"We can help you live a much simpler & more rewarding life by providing you with the right tools to do so."

We know that, as a customer, you have many choices when it comes to whom you buy your food dehydrator, smokehouse, spices or game processing kitchen supplies from. That’s why we’re committed to standing behind each and every product we sell. Whether you are learning to make sausage the first time and have a question, are an experienced game processor with a problem or just need a little direction on which product is right for you, we’re here to help. We love the products we sell, we love using them and we know you will too! It’s our mission to make it easy to cook, prepare and preserve local foods for a healthier lifestyle.