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#8 Meat Grinder Plates

If you have a #8 standard meat grinder and need a top-quality grinding plate for your machine, you have access here to high-quality #8 grinding plates with a variety of grinding hole sizes. You also have a choice of heat-treated stainless steel grinder plates and carbon steel meat grinder plates. Our #8 grinder plate selection includes those with 1/2” holes, 3/8” holes, 1/4” holes and 3/16” holes. The 1/2” size provides the coarsest grind, ideal for a first grind or for grinding stew meats or coarse chilies.

This section also features a stainless steel knife and a carbon steel knife, both 2-1/8” in diameter. These blades have a 13/32” center hole and are designed to fit standard #8 meat grinders. Also consider the #8 meat grinder maintenance kit, which includes a set of nylon cleaning brushes, USDA-approved food-grade lubricant and a meat grinder knife and plate sharpening system.