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UMAi Bags

Ready to make your own delicious sausage, aged ribeye steaks and cured meats? The Sausage Maker has all the UMAi dry bag supplies you need, including sausage casing packets, ribeye/strip loin packets and charcuterie kits.

We carry three sizes of UMAi sausage casing packets, perfect for making your own chorizo, salami, pepperoni, sopressata and other dry cured sausages using only our freshly ground wild game, beef or pork meats and your refrigerator. All packets include approximately 30 feet of casing — enough to hold 12-15 pounds of meat.

Have a vacuum sealer? Try our dry charcuterie kit using seasoned cuts of your favorite meats. Bresaola, capicola and pancetta are just a few of the cured meats you can create in your own refrigerator. Two small and three medium bags are included in addition to VacMouse strips and Juniper Berries Insta Cure. No more guessing what’s in your meat products – using our dry age bags you can control the ingredients for a wide range of meats!