Sausage Stuffer Operating Instructions

These instructions explain the proper use of all hand-operated sausage stuffers.
Please read before use.

Care & Cleaning

For first time use and after every subsequent use, wash the meat cylinder and wipe the piston with mild dish detergent and water. Wipe down the whole unit, getting rid of any food products. Allow all parts to dry thoroughly before putting them away.


Salt is one of the most important ingredients used when making any kind of sausage.

1. Salt gives flavor
2. Salt helps to hold water in the meat
3. Salt acts as a binding agent

But, as a binding agent, salt can cause unnecessary problems if instructions are not followed. When salt is mixed with meat, spices and ingredients, it causes the meat to stiffen or "set up," very much like cement. This process requires only 20-30 minutes to take effect. It then becomes very difficult to push the meat through the stuffer. With a geared sausage stuffer, a stiffened meat mixture causes unneccessary wear on the gears. We strongly recommend that the meat mixture be packed into the sausage stuffer right after it is mixed. It should then be quickly stuffed into the casings while it is easy to work with.


5 Lb. and 15 Lb. Stuffers are shipped with food grade grease on the gears. Open gears should be lubricated after approximately every fifth or sixth use.

20, 25 and 30 Lb. Stuffers also have food grade lubricatng grease on the gears and on the flat bar that is attached to the platen. The flat bar should be lubricated after approximately every fifth or sixth use.