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Get Smokehouse Plans Here

If you’re interested in making sausage or curing meats at home, an essential piece of equipment is the smokehouse. While you can buy smokehouses at many places and online, did you know you can also build your own smokehouse and get something tailored to your needs? The Sausage Maker, Inc. has all of the components you need for building, as well as online smokehouse plans to help you do it right.

You can get your custom-built machine up and running, whether you decide to build an electric smokehouse or a gas smokehouse, and do everything yourself, even setting up the wiring. Purchase parts from the Sausage Maker, Inc. and use our smokehouse plans for great results. You’ll be a smoking pro in no time.

Purchase Smokehouses Here


If you’re not interested in building your own smokehouse, shop the pre-built options available here as well. Take, for example, the 30 pound capacity Country Style Insulated Smokehouses. The rooftop design creates a more spacious interior to allow the room you need to hang larger hams, more sausage, or bigger pieces of bologna for smoking. Loading can be done from the front or from the top, making cleaning, loading, and unloading easier than models that can only be loaded and unloaded from the front.

Each smokehouse is designed and built by our own engineers and craftsmen in our facility in Buffalo, New York. When you buy from the Sausage Maker, Inc., you know you’re buying American. In this day and age, that’s rarer than you might think.

You can shop the site or download a PDF catalog to see all available options. Whether you’re a hobbyist smoking meats at home or you run a commercial butcher shop, we’re sure you’ll find exactly the equipment you’re looking for at Thanks for visiting our site.

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