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Chips for Smokers & Grills

With the care and dedication put into your grilling/smoking activities, from sourcing the best meats and spices to their proper handling and preparation, it only makes sense to go the extra mile in choosing what you use to produce the smoke flavoring what's being cooked. Anyone adept in the art of grilling and/or smoking meats, whether you're talking fish, fowl, beef or pork, knows that the proper utilization of BBQ wood chips is one of the key ingredients in the process. We deal in the very highest-quality wood chips for smoking, and in quantities meant to be used before they dry out and lose their magic!

Our premium-grade, made-for-competition BBQ smoking chips aren't kiln-dried, like lesser-quality wood that loses moisture and flavor through that forced drying process. Our wood is stored as logs in a climate-controlled environment until ready to be transformed in small batches into chips or sawdust for smoking meat.