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Wood Chips for Smoking Foods

It's not just the spices that make sausage taste so rich and flavorful. It's also the sawdust and the wood chips. If you're going for smoked sausage, nothing beats The Sausage Maker's sawdust bags, bbq wood chips and smoker bisquettes. Select from individual bags of your favorite smoky flavor or a full variety pack with three flavors: mesquite, cherry and apple. Choose from 2-pound wood chip bags, 5-pound wood chip boxes and 5-pound sawdust bags for your smokehouse grill.

Our bulk wood chips and sawdust can be used to smoke sausages, fish, burgers, chicken and other meats. For example, our Bradley cherry smoker bisquettes gives venison and beef a sweet background flavor. Pop them in your small smoker or large smokehouse grill, and instantly add subtle flavor to your meats. The Sausage Maker's meat smoking chips are never kiln dried, so they keep the moisture and sugars in the wood that produce those delicious and aromatic flavors. Get yours today to taste the difference!