Jerky Supplies

Jerky, the ultimate camping and hunting snack. We carry everything you need to make delicious homemade jerky, from the various jerky seasonings and cures to meat slicers which cut uniform strips each time. Venison or beef jerky, you can easily make these wonderful snacks with little trouble and in no-time using our stainless steel food dehydrators. Making homemade jerky is an excellent way to preserve meats and also concentrate the high amounts of protein into a snack sized, tasty treat. Use top round beef, venison briskets and slice them into jerky strips or use ground meat and make uniform jerky strips with one of our sausage stuffer attachments.

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#81435 10" Slicer Knife
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#32039 Wind River Jerky Mold
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Jerky Gun
#32085 The Original Jerky Gun
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Plastic Jerky Shooter
#32082 Plastic Jerky Shooter
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#32032 Chrome Drying Racks
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