Dry Curing

Dry Curing Sausage
Dry Curing; the highest form of sausage making. It relies on naturally occurring microbiological processes that make a raw food product safe to eat. But to successfully dry-cure you need the right casings, equipment, environmental conditions and above all else, the 'know-how'. For thousands of years meats and especially sausage has been fermented and dried to increase its product life during times of short food supply and no mode of preservation by cooling. Over the years the technique has been refined and ingredients perfected to develop unique recipes with enhanced aromas and complex tastes. Today, dry curing has been rediscovered by sausage making hobbyists and meat curing enthusiasts. We have been at the forefront of sausage fermenting developments and proudly present our constantly expanding line of dry cured products. We carry all the starter cultures, cures, seasonings, spices, temperature controllers, humidity controllers and protein-coated casings you will need for successful dry-curing.