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Cabbage Shredders

fermenting crocks
The ultimate super-food, sauerkraut, is one of the easiest, most affordable and delicious foods you can make in the comfort of your home. It is known world-wide for its powerful immune system building properties. Making sauerkraut is also very easy. But the vital first step is to evenly and consistently shred the cabbage into ¼” strips or shreds; that’s where the cabbage shredders come in. Our stainless steel cabbage shredders are in a class all their own, with extra-sharp adjustable blades and modern designs, they are built for consistent and quality home production. Whether its homemade sauerkraut, kimchi, coleslaw, shredded lettuce for salads or even sliced potatoes, these cabbage shredders are ready to get the job done.

#32129 Deluxe Stainless Steel Cabbage Shredder
Original Price: $439.99
Your Price: $394.99
#32129 Deluxe Stainless Steel Cabbage Shredder
#81891 Cabbage Shredder Pusher Kit
Original Price: $201.96
Your Price: $181.96
#81891 Cabbage Shredder Pusher Kit
Stainless Steel Cabbage Shredder
#32130 Stainless Steel Cabbage Shredder
Original Price: $144.99
Your Price: $129.99
#32130 Stainless Steel Cabbage Shredder
#31205 Cabbage Corer
Your Price: $24.99
#31205 Cabbage Corer