Won't Peel

Three-prong fork must be centered through the corer/slicer blade. See Diagrams A and C.

Still Won't Peel

Adjust the blade by increasing the gap between the blade and the red casting no more than 1/16” at a time. If the gap is too big it will gouge the apple. See Diagram C.

Fruit Breaks up Before Completion

The fruit is too soft. Use only fresh, firm fruit.

Fruit is Not Slicing

Blade is on backwards. The coring ring must be placed in front of the corer/slicer blade. See Diagram B.


Operating Instructions for Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

Item #32150

CAUTION! Be careful when handling this machine as blades are exposed.

Set Up:

1. Secure machine onto a clean, dry solid surface such as a counter or tabletop by turning the lever on the suction base. For added security, put on the clamp and tighten.

2. Change the position of the wooden crank handle by unscrewing and reattaching it from the other side.

3. Check the alignment of the three-prong gripper fork and the position of the corer/slicer blade. The gripper fork and the blade should be centered in front of the coring ring. See Diagrams A and B.


1. Release the groove clamp and pull the crank handle all the way back.

2. Push the apple securely onto the three-pronged fork. You may use either end of the apple.

3. Simply turn the crank until the apple comes in contact with the blades. To adjust the depth at which the blade peels the apple, loosen the wing nut on the peeler blade and adjust the gap between the blade and the red casting. Note that a little adjustment goes a long way. See Diagram C.

4. Remove the apple core by releasing the groove clamp and pulling the shaft.


1. Immediately after use, rinse the machine with warm water and dry immediately. This machine is not dishwasher safe. Hand wash only.

Change the Blades:

Slicer/Corer Blade

1. When attaching this blade to the frame, make sure the three-prong fork is all the way forward by releasing the groove clamp.