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News: March 10, 2014

• Our new "Easter Catalog 2014" will start mailing about April 02, 2014.

• People who purchase the "Great Sausage Recipes" book will now find a postcard inside. The card offers "Free Catalog and $10 Coupon". If they go to www.sausagemaker.com/GSR , they are guided through submitting their Catalog Request and and taken to a page with their Coupon Code. They will enter that code during checkout to get $10 off their first order. If you receive a call for this, please click use this link ... thanks!

• Web site forms: When you select any form to fill out you'll be redirected to our corporate web site, tsmproducts.com. When you click Submit, you'll be brought back to sausagemaker.com.

• Note that the cart is only shown when you click on [View Cart] or [Checkout].

• Remember to Log Off at the end of each order. If you aren't sure if you're logged off, click on the next line. Click Here to Log Off

• If the last order was not completed, you may also need to clear your shopping cart. To check your cart, click "View Cart" above.


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