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Sausage Seasonings in Numerous Flavors

Many of your customers may not realize how many different sausage seasoning blends are out there, but we can help you introduce them to a new world of flavors ranging from the exotic to the traditional. There are literally dozens of unique sausage seasonings featured here on, and they’re all priced right and sold in small batches so that you can easily keep up with the precise demand your customers have for each specific blend. Our assortment includes classic, mouthwatering seasoning blends like bratwurst, Italian sausage and salami, but also some uniquely exciting flavors like:

  • Morning Edge
  • Red Hot!
  • Uncle Abe’s Venison Tex-Mex Chili
  • Jalapeno Herb Sausage
  • Cajun Sausage

Any of our seasoning combinations, when combined with our premium quality, natural sausage casings, will make for an exquisite batch of sausages that your customers will return for time and time again. When you showcase the full range of sausage flavors, everyone can find their favorite.

Natural Sausage Casings Don’t Disappoint

Natural casings often cost a little bit more than the synthetic alternatives, but those who have tasted the difference for themselves tend to accept no substitutes. The reason natural sausage casings can make all the difference is because of the variable permeability unique to collagen-rich intestinal tissue. They allow smoke to penetrate sausages fully and evenly, resulting in greater potency and consistency of flavors. They seal in and preserve sausage seasonings and extend the overall freshness of the product. And only natural casings ensure that distinctive, satisfying snap with every bite.

The Sausage Maker is committed to selling only the freshest casings available as well as offering a full range of sizes and flavor varieties. Each batch is sealed in packages of purified salt and shipped quickly to your shop, restaurant or home.

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