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Every parent wants a food dehydrator

Food Dehydrator - D-12

We've all been there. Here the scenario. You shopping for food at the local grocery store and have the little ones in tow. All of the sudden they see fruit roll-ups or some other snack that they have to have and you are pressured into buying the sugary snacks. Enough already! With help from, you can feel good about giving your children the taste they love without all the guilt and none of the price.

When you use your new food dehydrator, you take away all of the corn syrup, food coloring and preservatives you find in the pre-packaged stuff. It is truly the perfect counter top appliance. You can even go a step further and buy organic produce and now you have a yummy treat without pesticides. Lots of our products even come with a roll up sheet so you can make your own variety of this kid favorite.

Once you get it home, you'll be amazed at all of the things you can do with it. Enjoy your own home grown and dried herbs, make mouth-watering fruit snacks, or dry your own vegetables like tomatoes for tasty salad toppings. The list goes on and on. You'll find yourself putting all sorts of things in your new food dehydrator, and waiting anxiously until it is done.

We carry a variety of appliances to suit any household need...from the light duty design to the heavy duty "I'm going to preserve my entire garden" variety. Get your family healthy today and explore our meat smokers, electric meat grinders for making sausage, food dehydrators, and much more.

Make delicious meats with a meat smoker

Meat Smoker - Country Smoker

If you are a hardcore jerky fan and want to start creating your own masterpieces, you are going to love We are the supplier for the ultimate top-grade meat smoker. Serious smokers will love our stainless steel gas appliances...perfect for creating your own restaurant-quality smokehouse in your very own backyard. Flavor and cure everything from game to nuts to cheese, and yes...jerky! We have everything you need to get started, including curing packets, wood chips, smoke generators and more. Check out our Smoked Foods cookbook for even more ideas for your meat smoker like brining, pickling, correct smoking temperatures, and even advice on complimentary condiments.

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