#81340 Mundial 6" Skinning Knife

Item Number: 81340
Mundial 6" Skinning Knife
Excellent craftsmanship. Made with a high carbon steel so it resists stains. Ergonomically designed molded plastic handles to prevent the knife from slipping. NSF Approved.

Made with unmatched precision by Mundial in Brazil

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owner of skinning knife
Vyt Burkunas (Webster, N.Y.) 12/17/2012 1:24 PM
I have one of these skinning knives and they are slick. I can skin a deer and debone it in the field faster than some guys I hunt with that go through the process of gutting and getting ready to drag the deer out. Once sharpened, the blade holds its sharpness well, even after deboning. The only draw back is that this knife does not have a sheath to protect the blade and the user. This is a wonderful product. Thanks.

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