#81160 Pastrami Kit

Venison Pastrami Kit
Item Number: 81160
Kit will provide you with the tools for brining/curing the proper way to create delicious corned beef. All that is needed to turn the corned beef into a delectable Pastrami is to introduce smoke and then cook.

Can also be used on venison roasts, and will make venison or other game meat taste like corned beef.
Kit consists of:
• Pastrami Seasoning 
• Pickling Spices
Makes 25 lbs.
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Product Reviews

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The real deal
Lou (Shinnston, WV) 2/1/2014 12:34 PM
What can I say? Made Pastrami from deer hams and it was great! Everyone who tried it loved it.. even used deer tenderloin for some and it was even better (more tender)! The roasts even had a tenderloin "look" when slicing and most people thought that it was tenderloin.. Great product and will definitely buy again!

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