#19009 Bactoferm T-SPX (Pediococcus pentosaceus & Staphylococcus xylosus)

#19009 Bactoferm T-SPX Starter Culture
Item Number: 19009
Due to the limited shelf life outside of a freezer, we can not ship this outside of North America.
For slow/mild acidification. Less acidity and no sour flavor; enhances the aromatic flavor and appearance of fermented meats. Also assists in moisture removal and the breaking down of Nitrate into Nitrite for more efficient curing. If using T-SPX for traditional method of drying this culture will not provide food safety through lowering pH level but, it will help lower aW. Use for products needing at least one month's time for drying and do not ferment with this product over 75°F.

• Net Weight: 25g(per packet)
• Usage: 25g for 200kg(440 lbs)
• Instructions for making 10 lb. increments included.
• Storage: In Freezer (<2°F)
• Freeze Dried Culture

Open PDF file with more information on Bactoferm T-SPX.

We HIGHLY Recommend reading and understanding the Art of Making Fermented Sausage book before attempting to Dry-Cure Meats if you are unsure about any of the complexities involved.
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