#11080 Celery Juice Powder

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Celery Juice Powder (CJP) contains naturally occuring nitrites and nitrates (which breakdown to nitrites with the help of bacteria native in meat itself). CJP is now commonly being used for giving sausages and meats a cured appearance and taste without the use of synthetic sodium nitrite/nitrate. There is no standardized, USDA recommended curing time for specific amounts of CJP for consistent curing action so products using vegetable based nitrites/nitrates (such as CJP) must be cooked prior to consumption. CJP may clump/harden during transit in the Summer months, it is not spoiled and has not lost effectiveness, simply break up and/or use as weight measure instead of volume if this occurs to your CJP order.
Each packet (Net Wt. 1.25 oz.) can be used for 25 lbs. of ground meat.
1.25 oz. of Celery Juice Powder = approximately 8 tsp.
For 10 lb. recipes use 3 1/2 tsp Celery Juice Powder.
*The USDA currently does not recognize naturally occurring nitrates as effective curing agents in meats, so if using Celery Juice Powder for products being sold to the public, the end-products must be labeled "Uncured". 

**The use of natural products, such as Celery Juice Powder, which contain nitrates are NOT recommended for making bacon.

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